VLAD BLAD - BWBPS1 - Power Shader/Power Color Packer

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This machine easily and naturally makes great WHIP pixels, that do not blur over time with 9-49 magnum, fast and solid color packing and blackwork on big areas. Machine with this setting is used by the King of Whip Shading in Russia - Yegor Leshchev!

It is second to none both in color packing or blackwork. From the wrist to the elbow - whole arm in two hours in solid black - it is real now.

Color packing - recommended for 9-35 magnums. Black and gray wash 25-49. magnums

It's all about the unique author's design of the striker, which has a hammer-like shape and increased weight. Despite its power and sharp hit, its still very atraumatic if used with suitable needles.

Please pay attention that machine which is shipped to you may slightly differ in appearance from machine represented at the photos. Machine appearance depends on details available in stock and it is defined by manufacturer.


Material: Frame Wolf made of steel.
Special: Ideal to use with 9-49 magnum.