VLAD BLAD - Adjustable Aluminium Cartridge Grip 30mm

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Our new black adjustable grip with a 30mm diameter. The grip is made of durable and lightweight anodized aluminum, which is very easy to clean and sterilize.

- The highest quality of Vlad Blad brand combined with minimalistic and eco-friendly design. While making products with minimalistic design we reduce waste and time of metal processing and therefore reduce harm to the environment. All waste resulting from production of these grips is recycled and reused.
- The diameter and form of the grip were carefully calculated. This universal standard will be comfortable for most artists regardless of the size of your hand.
- Optimum medium weight 74 grams. (2,61 ounces)
- Made of aircraft-grade aluminium with durable anodised coating
- Can be autoclaved (up to 120C) and wiped with disinfection solutions as it is resistant to any chemicals and disinfection. We do not recommend a dry heat.

Please pay attention that product which is shipped to you may slightly differ in appearance from product represented at the photos. Product appearance depends on details available in stock and it is defined by manufacturer.