VLAD BLAD - Ultron 2 limited Red Yellow by Shpigel

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One pen for all kinds of work
Wide range of machine hitting nature, ultimate versatility
4 mm stroke
More skin feedback, better control
Less skin trauma, better healing results
Lines. Even faster and steadier
Fast color packing with pigments of any thickness
Soft shading and whip shading
Incredible ergonomics. The most compact of the most powerful pen rotaries in the world

Compatible with Cheyenne single-use grips

RawPower system.
This is what makes Ultron Pen 2 so different to other pen type rotaries.
This is the second generation of our pen mechanisms which allows to unleash the true power of the motor, instead of choking it with return springs usually installed in other pen mechanisms.
We have carefully selected the materials for all friction points along with balancing all parts of the mechanism to provide extraordinary energy efficiency and vibration-free performance.
As a result, Ultron Pen 2 doesn't heat even at high PRMs and long sessions. Energy consumption is optimized to make external batteries perform longer while working with Ultron 2.

Incredibly powerful motor
We've increased the power up to 10,5 Watt in our new M2 motor, which is x1,5 times more than a previous generation motor.
The torque increased x1.9 times!

Ultimate versatility
Due to the powerful motor and RawPower System combined with 4.0mm stroke we came up with a machine which hits softly and stable at low RPMs and at the same moment has a hard, punchy and efficient hit at high RPMs.

Even more skin feedback, better control
Ultron Pen 2 just brought it to another level. The machine allows you to feel way better how deep the needle gets in the skin and increases your control over the situation.
Our first-generation Ultron Pen is well known for its sufficient feedback which has been loved by so many tattoo artists. Thanks to the RawPower System, the whole mechanism allows you to feel even more skin feedback.

Less skin trauma, better healing results
The RawPower System changes the nature of the hit and makes the needle stay for a bit longer under the skin, bringing more pigment per one hit. This increases the overall speed of work and positively affects healing.
Some clients have noticed a decrease in pain during sessions with the Ultron Pen 2 compared to the Ultron Pen.

Lines. Even faster and steadier
Our previous-generation Ultron Pen was known for doing well enough for pens to handle lines. With the Ultron Pen 2, we tweaked the motor, stroke and RawPower System and improved lining even more. Without exception, all of our VBI Pro Team tattoo artists noted the increase in speed and confidence with linework.

Fast color packing with pigments of any thickness
Here, too, we had no problems with the previous-generation Ultron Pen. But thanks to the increased stroke and the incredibly powerful motor, the pigment now literally flies under the skin in all areas, even with big magnums.

Soft shading and whip shading
Despite the 4.0 mm stroke, the system runs soft enough at low RPMs so you can get soft black and white shading and color gradients as well as soft whip shading.

Incredible ergonomics.
You can work for hours without fatigue. All because there is virtually no vibration or noise, the center of gravity is shifted downwards.
The machine absolutely does not heat up, even with big magnums and during very long sessions.
The most powerful pen rotaries in the world!
Ultron 2 is compatible with most wireless batteries and runs perfectly well with them.

4 different grips
For those who like heavier machines, we made 4 different grips of different diameters and weights. The standard aluminum one will satisfy most tattoo artists. The enlarged aluminum one for those who like bigger grips. Standard stainless steel for those who need the heavier grip. The enlarged heavy stainless steel one that will put coil lovers in a delightfully nostalgic mood.

Compatible with Cheyenne single-use grips
We decided not to invent our own standard of thread to sell you our own single-use grips. We care about our customers and want you to be able to find a single-use grip anywhere in the world. This is only possible with the most common single-use grips made according to Cheyenne thread standard.

New durable RCA connector
Feel free to attach an external battery to the RCA connector without any worries that it would wrench the RCA connector out of your tattoo machine.

Eco friendly
The Ultron Pen 2 is made from partially recycled aluminum used in the aerospace industry. The design has a minimalist style that significantly reduces the amount of waste in production. Metal waste is completely recyclable. Chemically hazardous waste generated during machine body coating is cleaned up, instead of being discharged into rivers.

We threw all unnecessary things out of the box and simplified the packaging. After all, the main thing is what's inside.


Size: 25 mm (0,98 inch) x 108 mm (4,25 inch)
Weight: 120 g (4.2 Oz)
Stroke: 4.0 mm
Motor: 10,5 Watt

Recommended Modes
Fine lines 7.5-8.5 V
Fat lines 9-9.3 V
B&G soft shading 7.5-7.8 V
Colour soft shading 7.5-8 V
Solid packing 7.5-8 V
Dot shading 1.5-3 V
Whip shading 7-8 V

Please pay attention that machine which is shipped to you may slightly differ in appearance from machine represented at the photos. Machine appearance depends on details available in stock and it is defined by manufacturer.