VLAD BLAD - Avenger 2 Pro Sienna Blue by Shpigel

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6 machines in 1.

A mere 7 seconds is all it takes for the unique mode switch system MultiStroke™ to shift between six tattooing modes. Forget the screwdrivers and a machine reassembly. It is done without pausing a current session. In under seven seconds, you gain access to full selections of available strokes: 3.2 - 3.5 - 3.8 - 4.2 - 4.7 - 5.5 mm.

Now all you need is one tattoo machine to perform:

3.2 Mode – you bring about an amazing graywash shading quickly and easily, delivering minimal damage and irritation to the client's skin.
3.5 Mode – delicate graywash shading, color gradients, and soft color packing for those who prefer soft tattoo machines.
3.8 Mode – color gradients and solid color packing, fine and medium thickness lines, whip shading.
4.2 Mode – any pigment solid packing, medium and fat lines, whip shading.
4.7 Mode – is designed for self-confident tattoo artists that do solid packing and lining using large needles on any skin area.
5.5 Mode – is a crazy mode. We recommend it for dot shading and experimental tattoo techniques. The super powerful motor makes this tattoo machine unmatched in its versatility.

You may face three different skin types even during one session. Take an elbow for instance: you have to tattoo a delicate skin area around the elbow ditch, hard skin on the elbow itself, and some average thickness skin areas all around.
Now you have an option of simply switching between the modes instead of prepping two separate tattoo machines. Now you have six different tattoo machines in one.

Imagine that in a mere 7 seconds a tattoo machine in your hand turns from super soft to super hard and you may see just how faster you might get your work done.

The SkinResponse™ system makes the very tip of the needle stick in the skin for a little bit longer and then be pulled out much faster than in a classic rotary machine. It even feels a bit like your favorite coil.
This system allows you to work softer and more precisely with long strokes at higher voltage settings. Tattoo artists that have tested this machine all pointed out how delicately it performs even in higher mode settings when used on sensitive skin where the risk of overworking and ink blowout is extremely high. This simplifies your work and gives it higher precision.
Less skin damage, better results.

Silence and no vibrations.
I was tattooing for over 13 years. After I had stopped, I focused on tattoo machine manufacture and nothing else. My right wrist remained sore over the next 4 years. The wrists and back are the hardest working body parts of any tattoo artist. We can't do anything about the backs, but we may be able to help with the wrists.
We pay a lot of attention to our product ergonomics. Advanced engineering and computer simulation combined with precision craftsmanship, provide you with almost vibration free performance. Comparing to most other tattoo machines and a first-generation Avenger™ this one feels almost like a pen, that's how little vibration it produces.
Excessive noise negatively affects your comfort and well-being. That is especially the case when the source of this noise is located nearby. Avenger 2 Pro is super quiet. Just a tad noisier than pen-type machines.
Thanks to its lightweight design, 4.76oz/135g center of gravity shifted all the way to the vise, and well-designed and convenient RCA connector angle your hands won't get too tired too quickly even when using a disposable plastic grip. Your hands, your ears, and the tattoo artist next to you will be grateful.

Incredibly powerful motor

We had decided to manufacture the most powerful motor ever installed in this type of a tattoo machine.

We've increased the power up to 10,5 Watt in our new M2 motor, which is x1,5 times more than a previous generation motor. The torque increased x1.9 times! That much power provides smooth operation with long stroke needle cartridge configurations even at radically low rpms.
We haven't installed such a powerful motor just for show! It makes sense. In a longer stroke mode – the motor works under much more load, than in a shorter stroke mode. An average motor would wear off faster, especially when the machine is set with a hard membrane cartridge – it simply won't start at a lower voltage

The widest operating speed range among tattoo machines.

The M2 motor allows you to work at a very high voltage setting, yet to keep great performance and control when the voltage setting is very low. Avenger 2 Pro starts and delivers pigment at radically low voltage settings with classic needles and cartridges even in 5.5 mode.

Simple, durable, reliable.

We developed this tattoo machine to simplify your life, not the other way around. A tattoo artist should not be turning any screws. That is a machine builder's job. You don't have to change anything when switching between classic needles and needle configurations.
No need to remove or insert any springs. Just choose good quality cartridges and classic needles and enjoy your work. No sophisticated adjustments required. Just clear and simple modes of operation.
No flimsy or decrepit spring elements. Each time you opt for a mode switch you have a stable operation of the tattoo machine.

Avenger 2 Pro doesn't need any additional lubrication or maintenance due to six durable pre-lubricated bearings which are installed in the motor and mechanism.

Every mechanical component is well engineered and there is almost no friction involved between the mechanism parts. The powerful M2 high performance motor is reliable and durable – it is almost impossible to overload it.

Designed for a pro, but will be a dream tool for any level tattoo artist

Advanced tattoo artists should be able to quickly find their own preferred modes to work with this machine. Those with less experience will get an excellent chance to test every mode setting themselves using our recommendations and will get excellent results in the end. After all – you are holding in your hands six exceptional tattoo machines in one.
Now there is no need to purchase several tattoo machines with various stroke characteristics and other attributes until you come across the one that suits you. It is here already, you found it. It is waiting for you, and it is just one click away.

Tight vise

Here at Vlad Blad Irons we are well aware that even tiny details matter a lot. That is why our Super Jaws™ vise is not as simple as it may look. It is designed to evenly clamp the back-stem and will not overstress it or brake it. It tightens evenly both plastic and steel grips.

New durable RCA connector.

We have used an utterly durable and reliable connector. Now you may feel free to attach an external battery to the RCA connector without any worries that it would wrench your RCA connector out of your tattoo machine. There is also a version that is equipped with steel gold plated binding posts that are incredibly durable.

Eco friendly.

Some Avenger 2 Pro parts are made of recycled aluminum widely used in the aerospace industry. All metal waste gets fully recycled. Any hazardous chemical waste left from the coating of the machine bodies is properly filtered and cleansed. It never ends up flushed into the rivers.

We made our packaging strictly utilitarian, simple and eco-friendly. It shall serve its main purpose – to safely deliver Avenger 2 Pro to your doorstep. After all, it is what's inside – that matters.

Be a conscious consumer – buy six tattoo machines in one.

Engineered and manufactured by Vlad Blad Irons in Moscow.

Please pay attention that machine which is shipped to you may slightly differ in appearance from machine represented at the photos. Machine appearance depends on details available in stock and it is defined by manufacturer.