TATTOOMED - Tattoo Gel - 200ml

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The skin protection gel with the Pro Slide effect during tattooing

Our professional tattoo gel for optimal skin protection during tattooing. Tattoo Gel provides the optimal sliding film on the skin.

Anyone who has worked with Vaseline will love the new tattoo gel. Tattoo Gel keeps the skin supple during tattooing and lets excess tattoo color roll off, so you always have the best overview of your work.

The new tattoo gel is available in the practical 200ml tube and can also be used as after care after tattooing. In addition, the fresh lime / rosemary scent have a calming effect.

Here is a brief summary of everything that is important for you:

  • optimal skin protection during tattooing
  • Provides the optimal lubricating film on the skin
  • Beading effect of excess tattoo ink
  • 100% vegan
  • per slide effect
  • calming effect due to lime/rosemary

Recommendation for use:

Apply thinly to the area to be tattooed during stinging. Process can be repeated several times if necessary.