TATTOOMED - Tattoo Finish - 150ml - 2.0 antibacterial

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Medical care foam for painless cleaning and wound regeneration of freshly tattooed skin in Care Days 1-2.

TattooMed Tattoo Finish is the first alcohol-free solution for cleaning, decontamination, moisturizing and healing of acute wounds. The unique combination of the contained polyhexanide-betaine complex leads to a particularly effective cleaning of the freshly stung tattoo, reduces the germ load and prevents inflammation.

Here is a brief summary of everything that is important for you:

  • painless cleaning

  • dissolves incrustations

  • Prevents infections

  • alcohol free formula

  • cooling effect

  • antibacterial

  • Reduces the pain

  • reduces bleeding

  • reduces the bleeding of the tattoo color

Recommendation for use:

With the Tattoo Finish you can clean the skin of your customers before and after tattooing grease-free - and completely without alcohol. Afterwards, applying or applying the Protection Patch, Protection Film or After Tattoo Pro is a breeze. For wound care in Care Days 1-2, your customers can clean the fresh tattoo after removing the patch or film before they start to apply the After Tattoo in the regeneration phase.