TATTOOMED - Cleansing Gel - 15 x 100ml (Display)

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Gentle cleaning and care and your tattoo says thank you. The pH-neutral cleansing lotion for your tattoo in all three phases of Care Days.

TattooMed Cleansing Gel is a highly effective cleansing gel that can cleanse the skin surface of impurities and germs. It also has high quality nutrients that the skin needs in all three phases of Care Days. Due to the PH neutral formula it also protects the natural oil film on the skin and helps to bring additional moisture into the deeper skin layers with Dexpanthenol.

Here is a brief summary of everything that is important for you:

  • Mild and gentle cleansing of freshly tattooed skin
  • Specially developed formula for tattoo care
  • Tattoo color protection
  • Provides moisture
  • Reduces itching
  • skin-friendly pH value
  • Dermatologically confirmed
  • Vegan 100% without animal ingredients
  • We Love Animals

Recommendation for use:

The TattooMed Cleansing Gel can be used to cleanse the skin free of grease before applying or applying the Protection Patch, Protection Film or the After Tattoo Pro. For the regeneration phase in Care Days 3-21, you can clean the fresh tattoo twice a day before applying the After Tattoo.