TATTOOMED - Absorbent Pad 100pcs (10x15cm)

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The sterile absorbent medical CE wound dressing for the initial treatment of freshly tattooed skin in Care Days 1-2.

The wound care of freshly stung tattoos and the subsequent care are crucial for the long-term quality of your work. Modern wound healing has developed greatly in recent years and now offers you various options for optimal wound care for your customers in Care Days 1-2. In this phase of wound healing, it is important to bring the skin back to an externally undamaged state as quickly as possible and to soothe it to give it the opportunity to heal itself and renew its cells.

SIze: 10x15cm

Our Pro Series product TattooMed Absorbent Pad offers the optimal function to support the skin during this stressful and risky time for it. The special cotton cellulose fabric, which ensures optimal absorbency, absorbs ink residues and wound fluid and also prevents excessive drying - an excellent alternative for allergy sufferers.

Here is a brief summary of everything that is important for you:

  • sterile dressing
  • CE medical device
  • Creates an optimal wound climate
  • Protects against textile friction
  • Highly absorbent
  • No drying out (moist wound climate)
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers

Recommendation for use:

Immediately after lancing, the tattooed skin is cleaned with the Tattoo Finish and then the Absorbent Pad is applied to the tattooed skin and protects the wound from drying out, foreign bodies and creates a moist climate. The Absorbent Pad is attached with the TattooMed pro tape black.