LT TATTOO - Travel Table

excl. TVA et frais d'expédition

Introducing our stylish and versatile aluminum tattoo table. Crafted with precision, this aluminum table is designed specifically for tattoo artists who are always on the go. Its unique feature allows it to connect seamlessly to your travel suitcase, instantly providing you with a workspace even in tight spaces.

Designed for comfort and functionality, our tattoo table offers several advantages. With its raised cup holder, which guarantees a larger work surface and provides security to avoid spilling fluids on the table. Plus, it includes a designated place to rest your tattoo machine, keeping it safe and accessible whenever you need it.

Compact and durable, our aluminum tattoo table is the perfect companion for the modern tattoo artist who values ​​efficiency without compromising quality. Upgrade your workspace today and experience the difference!

Does not include suitcase

measurements 30x45cm

Available in various colors